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ITL biometrics trading partner expands scope into convenience channel

The Dyflin Group, ITL’s first biometrics trading partner for the vaping industry, have teamed up with Vape Supplier Ltd (VSL) who distribute vaping products direct to the convenience channel. Dyflin already supply ITL’s age estimation technology to vape stores, following a partnership which was secured in October 2023.

Vape Supplier Ltd commented, “Our recent collaboration with Dyflin means we can provide ITL with a larger customer target base for their age estimation products. In addition to being a wholesale distributor to vape stores, we also serve both national retailers and independent convenience shops, which is where we predict a big uptake in ITL’s MyCheckr installations.”

MyCheckr is a standalone solution equipped with a camera and screen that quickly estimates a customer's age completely anonymously. The LED above the screen turns green if the customer passes the age check, and red if they appear underage - providing a useful aid to help reduce any potential confrontation when asking customers for ID.

 John Vallis, Senior Business Development Manager (Biometrics) said, “We are delighted to work with VSL who are providing a new route to market for our age estimation technology within the vape industry. VSL supply direct to convenience stores which are ideal locations for our MyCheckr device to help staff perform accurate age checks and adhere to Challenge 25.  A big advantage of using our solution is that we do not charge fees per age check and there are no monthly subscriptions. Plus all processing is done locally with no internet required, making our age verification technology affordable and available for all.We look forward to working with VSL to rollout our solutions and expand our presence in convenience stores across the UK.”