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Innovative Technology Americas, Inc. welcomes Jeff Tash, Business Development Manager for North America. Jeff will focus on the amusement and vending industries, identifying and generating new sales opportunities. Innovative Technology specializes in note handling equipment and age and identity verification technology.

Welcoming Jeff to the US team, Lauren Fabbri, Business Development Manager for the gaming side of the business, said, “Jeff joined us back in March and hit the ground running spending his first day in the Innovative booth at the Amusement Expo show in Las Vegas!  Jeff has settled into life at Innovative Technology and is already connecting with our amusement and vending customers across America and Canada.”

Commenting on his role, Tash said, “I am really enjoying working for Innovative! The overwhelming support and enthusiasm from both the team and our customers on my first day at Amusement Expo validated my choice to join ITL. I’m up to speed with all our products and reallyenthusiastic to share them with the many contacts I have in the industry.”

Fabbri continued, “Jeff has 15+ years in the amusement industry, primarily with OEMs in a sales and business development role, so has an extensive book of contacts including manufacturers, distributors, route operators and parts providers. He will be responsible for monitoringindustry trends, identifying growth opportunities and emerging markets, conducting product demonstrations and facilitating strong client relationships.  Jeff has phenomenal relationships and has already demonstrated his ability to motivate decision makers when representing us at trade shows, meetings and events.”

Concluding Tash said, “I am eager to provide reliable and innovative product solutions to the amusement industry and customers, and continue to ensure note handling remains at the forefront of the amusement and vending industries. I am excited to collaborate with Lauren and the rest of the North American team in the growth of the GAV (Gaming, Amusement, Vending) markets. Innovative is an organization with a strong sense of purpose and a passion to support its employees, and I am privileged to be a part of this.”

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Wednesday, 03 July 2024 16:16

Mandelli celebrates 10 years with ITL

Stefano Mandelli, Business Development Manager for Innovative Technology Ltd (ITL), is celebrating a decade with the leading provider of cash handling equipment and age & identity validation technology this month.  Stefano is responsible for ITL’s presence in Italy and several countries within South East Europe.

Commenting on his long-standing achievement, Stefano said, “When I first joined Innovative back in 2014, my role focussed solely on growing our presence in Italy with an emphasis on the gaming and vending industries, alongside developing new markets.  After a short period I expanded my territories, and as well as looking after customer in Italy, I am now responsible for a large part of South East Europe including Slovenia, Greece and Turkey.   I am particularly proud of the strong partnerships I have established in all my regions, both with the main OEMs and with our approved Trading Partners and Service Centres. These collaborations have assisted with the growth of my markets, and even during difficult periods of supply, we have optimised lead times to ensure prompt product delivery.”

Enrique Jütten, VP of Sales & Business Development for ITL’s Gaming, Amusement and Vending sectors said, “ Stefano is an asset to our company and highly valued by the team, and his customers. Stefano’s main responsibilities are customer sales, forecasting and researching potential new business segments.  He is an excellent account manager who understands his customers and their business models to ensure they choose the right ITL products to meet their needs.”

Continuing Stefano said, “ The growth of ITL and the development of new products has given me the tools to create opportunities in new sectors such as retail, banking, parking and transportation over the past few years. The best thing about my job is meeting people from different countries and getting to know their culture and advising them on how our products can elevate their business.  My focus for the future is to continue to expand my area with the target to introduce and extend our new technologies and solutions in emerging sectors.”

Concluding  Enrique said, “This is an impressive achievement and I would like to thank Stefano for his commitment to ITL. I look forward to seeing Stefano continue to grow our presence in his regions, and reach new markets over the coming years.”

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Innovative Technology (ITL) have recently launched a Alerts App to  complement their product range which provides access control to age related products, services and venues. Customers who use ITL’s age and identity verification solutions can now enable remote alerts to a mobile device when an age check is required.

ITL Product Manager, Dr Andrew O’Brien said,  “We have several AI-based age check solutions that can be used at different touchpoints within an organisation. The app links all devices deployed at various locations on the premises. If we take a casino for example, ICU Lite can be fully integrated in a gaming machine to prevent underage play, and a standalone MyCheckr device can be deployed at the entrance picking up anyone underage trying to enter. Both can talk to the Alerts App to send notifications to staff that someone potentially underage is either entering the premises or trying to play on a machine. The Alerts App can be installed on an android phone or tablet, allowing instant communication and centralised management of all connected devices. Any customers already using our age check technology who would like to trial the app can contact their sales representative for more information”

Park Holidays UK are a great example of how the new app, connected to a MyCheckr, is being utilised to prevent children entering Adult Gaming Centres (AGC), alerting staff of any attempted underage entry. Jay Muzzell, Head of EPOS, AV & Security for Park Holidays UK Ltd said, “Adding MyCheckr with the Alerts App into the first two parks will help us to bolster our Challenge 25 policy and makes it easier for staff when deciding if they need to ask customers for ID.”

ITL are also successfully trialling the Alerts App with tobacco agents, operators of casinos, and motorway service stations with gaming areas.

Explaining the features in more detail Andrew said, “The app informs staff of any pending age approval requests which they can either accept or deny remotely without having to leave their post.  If a physical ID check is needed, it clearly highlights the location of the pending request.  As with all our age check devices, no personal data is ever stored so privacy is assured.  The app also logs all activity, providing evidence of age checks performed, time and location.  This electronic record is created automatically, and a report can be produced for compliance audits. Young looking staff can also be pre-approved to stop them activating an alert. Not only does this technology help prevent minors accessing age restricted areas and services – it also enhances the overall customer experience and improves staff efficiency.”

Concluding Andrew said,  “With ongoing government regulations regarding the tightening of age verification in the gambling sector, the need and uptake of automated age check technology will undoubtedly increase. We can assist by providing a tool which is dependable, accurate and affordable. And to complete our offering, with the Alerts App we can put notifications, information and remote management capabilities in the hands of store or venue staff to elevate access control management.”


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