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Intertraffic Amsterdam exhibits ITL innovations ideal for the transport sector

Innovative Technology Ltd (ITL) are set to demo their cash handling and AI-powered biometric products to the parking and transport sector at Intertraffic on booth 12.726. The exhibition is the world’s leading trade event for mobility professionals which will take place on 16th - 19th April at RAI Amsterdam.  

Commenting on their presence at the show, Stephan Rosseneu, ITL Business Development Manager for the region said, “We look forward to showing delegates how they can benefit from implementing our cash validation equipment to improve cash efficiency, and AI-powered biometric solutions to perform various facial analysis functions.”

For over 30 years Innovative Technology have been at the forefront of transaction automation, manufacturing a suite of cash hoppers, validators and recyclers for many industries worldwide. An innovative approach to product development led to the formation of their AI-powered biometric solutions division.

Stephan continued, “On the cash side, we will have our latest solutions on display including our flagship product, the NV4000. This advanced, high volume mixed denomination note recycler, provides faster note processing and optimised transaction times. With the capacity to dispense up to 420 notes of 5 different denominations, operational efficiency is optimised and the need for frequent refills is dramatically reduced. In addition, combining the NV4000 with the SMART Coin System, or Twin SMART Coin System for double the capacity coin recycling, we can successfully increase cash efficiency, for both notes and coins, in high-volume applications like parking and transport.”

ITL will also demo their latest AI-powered suite of biometric solutions which uses facial analysis for access control, age estimation, digital advertising and consumer analytics. 

Stephan added, “We look forward to introducing the idea of using biometric technology to this industry to demonstrate how they could benefit by improving the customer journey and  enhancing consumer loyalty. Our solutions use face matching to control access for registered customers, produce anonymous demographical data for effective consumer segmentation and display targeted advertising based on gender and age.  Unlike other solutions on the market, our range boasts a one off cost with no subscriptions, local processing with no internet required, and no biometric personal data is stored; making our technology affordable, easily available and trusted.”

Concluding Stephan said, “We look forward to showing how our solutions can help business in the smart mobility, infrastructure, traffic management and parking sectors improve efficiency and save costs. Come and see us on booth12.726 to find out more!”