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SMART Coin System


SMART Coin System

The SMART Coin System is a state of the art bulk coin validator, mixed coin hopper and recycler in one.
The unit validates, discriminates and stores mixed coins, eliminating coin starvation & the need for multiple hoppers.
With a market leading coin hopper capacity and fully audited, efficient refills, the SMART Coin System is designed to eliminate coin starvation and significantly reduce operator collection costsOperating at a market leading 12 coins per second the SMART Coin System improves operator cashflow, significantly reducing collection costs.

• State of the art bulk coin validator, hopper & recycler
• Eliminates coin starvation
• Market leading coin capacity, acceptance and payout speed
Lowest cost of ownership
High security - multi frequency sensing technology

Technical Specification



Requirements: 24V

Standby: 400 mA 
Running: 3 A 
Peak: 6.5 A 

Payout Speed

Up to 12 coins per second



Coin Capacity

1400 (€1)
1050 (£1)
1500 (quarters)

Mixed Coin Capacity





*others on request



USB with IF17
Open collector

Coin Dimensions*

Diameter: 18 - 28.5 mm
Thickness: 1.65 - 3.2 mm




4.1 kg (empty)

18 kg (full)

* SCS supplied in different hardware versions depending on the currency used *  


What our customers say...

“We have been utilising ITL’s robust Smart Coin System (SCS) on our machine estate for several years now, installed in thousands of our Game Pro machines out in the field. The operational efficiencies this coin recycling hopper brings are first class. Its closed loop system eliminates shrinkage, and the large recycling capacity dramatically reduces refill times, significantly minimising machine downtime during this process. In fact, we are so happy with the results, we have decided to use the SCS in both of our brand-new cabinets, Game Pro Cyclone and Game Master 2.”


Mat Ingram, CPO, Reflex Gaming