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Items filtered by date: November 2023

Vapouriz, one of the leading manufacturers of vaping products with a number of stores across the south of England, have committed to use age check technology from Innovative Technology (ITL) across their entire group. ITL provide a range of AI-powered biometric solutions that perform age estimation to help prevent underage sales, ideal for retailers selling age restricted goods such as vapes.

Speaking about the recent deployment, Ron Booker, Head of Retail at The Vapouriz Group said, “It is important for the vaping industry as a whole, and to us as a responsible supplier, to do everything we can to help tackle youth vaping which is now a major issue in society.”

John Vallis, Senior Business Development Manager (Biometrics) for ITL commented, “Following a successful pilot in June, we are delighted that Vapouriz have taken the decision to rollout MyCheckr installations in all their stores plus several franchise outlets. This standalone solution is equipped with a camera and screen that estimates a customer's age completely anonymously, making it an ideal tool to assist retailers during the age check process.”

Ron continued, “MyCheckr is successfully giving our staff an extra layer of security when checking age and more confidence to ask for ID if needed. It is also acting as a visible deterrent to underage customers attempting to purchase vapes in the first place. Another benefit MyCheckr brings to our shops, is the ability to advertise products on the screen at the point-of-sale, making it a great marketing opportunity and potential revenue stream.”

ITL’s MyCheckr device uses biometric technology to perform age estimation and works by analysing the customer’s facial features. The unit clearly shows both the server and the customer if a manual ID check is recommended, turning red if they appear underage, and green if they pass the age check.

Concluding John said, “Vapouriz are a fantastic example of how responsible vape organisations can implement the correct safeguards to protect minors. Being a member of the UKVIA, we are committed to supporting the industry in their efforts to prevent underage vape sales and shield vape retailers up and down the country against any potential prosecutions.”

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Thursday, 23 November 2023 09:29

New German vending partner for ITL

Innovative Technology (ITL) have recently announced Bernd Boddart as their latest trading partner, supplying their cash validation and biometric age verification solutions to the German vending market. Bernd Boddart, based in Mönchengladbach, Germany,  have 30 years of experience in the field of coffee machines, table top devices and floor-standing vending machines. 

Simon Boddart, Junior Company Chief at Bernd Boddart commented, “We have decided to partner with Innovative Technology to enable us to offer a wider product range in the vending sector and respond more effectively to the needs of our customers. Our experience with ITL products has always been positive so we are sure our clients will be impressed with their well-established and trusted solutions.”

Commenting on the recent partnership, Lina Trofimow, Senior Business Development Manager for ITL said, “We are pleased to secure a strong, regional partner dedicated to vending in Germany, who will help provide sales and service assistance to our local customers. Bernd Boddart will focus on supplying our cash handling devices, specifically the compact NV9, NV11, NV22 note validators & recyclers,  which fit into most machines. They will also assist with the distribution of our biometrics solutions for accurate and anonymous age checks.  The protection of minors accessing age restricted goods such as alcohol, tabaco and vapes from vending machines is becoming an increasingly important issue. We look forward to working with operators to give them the technology they need to ensure they adhere to legislation in place designed to protect youth access.” 

Concluding Boddart said, “ ITL’s age control solutions are very interesting for us as there are few providers in Germany in the age verification market, yet the sector for dispensing age-restricted products from vending machines shows much potential for growth. In addition, with ITL being a trusted and established supplier to the gaming industry, we also look to expand our business into the amusement sector too. ITL’s product portfolio of hoppers, bill readers and recyclers, alongside their years of experience in the gaming market, make them a perfect partner for us at this exciting time of growth.”

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Monday, 20 November 2023 11:58

November 2023 Technical Bulletin


IN THIS BULLETIN: Firmware changes (SMART Coin System, SMART Hopper 4, NV9 Spectral & Biometrics Range), Hardware changes (NV9 Spectral), Software changes (Spectral SMART Data), IF17 Programming Kit, New Bezels and New King Charles banknotes.

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