Thursday, March 15 2012 17:01


What is SMART Data?

Innovative Technology currency dataset files contain information about the notes that are to be accepted or rejected by the validator and as such are core to the operation of all ITL bank note validators. ITL have developed the SMART Data process in response to an industry requirement to address the following issues:

  • The fast turnaround of fraudulent and bad acceptance issues.
  • Flexibility in datasets.
  • Overcome the difficultly of accessing notes (can’t be exported or transported easily)

SMART Data is based around a free software program allowing end users to alter, create or customise their own currency dataset files. Using SMART Data customers can add a new issue note to their existing dataset file or eliminate a fake note by adding it to the dataset themselves.

The process is simple.

  1. Note Data is created by the user who inserts their own bank notes into a normal ITL bank note validator (connected to a Windows PC). - No special firmware or configuration is required only SMART Data.
  2. The SMART Data software application sends the collected data via the internet to the Innovative Technology servers for processing. A new dataset is created incorporating the collected data.
  3. The new dataset will be available for download from the SMART Data website.
  4. This new dataset can then be incorporated into ITL bank note validators in the field using standard ITL programming tools.

For more information or to register for a SMART Data account visit

Marketing Executive, Dayna Patterson said “SMART Data is a really exciting programme that gives ITL customers the tools to customise their own dataset files. SMART Data allows false notes, new issue notes and notes with differing wear patterns to be quickly incorporated into currency dataset files. For example, customers will now be able to incorporate into their currency datasets personal notes that are specific to their area, perhaps heavily worn notes due to supply or notes affected by severe temperature or humidity conditions. SMART Data will be launched at the January shows and I would like to invite everyone to our stands for a demonstration of the new SMART Data programme.”