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Innovative Engineering


Innovation is about ideas. Challenging existing ways of doing things and thinking differently.

By exploring new innovations we can improve current products and help our customers overcome their challenges with revolutionary new products. It is our ability to continuously innovate that adds value for our customers, setting us apart from our competition. Innovation is key to ITL’s growth.

Our strong tradition of innovation helps us to continually deliver value to our customers. We listen to and collaborate with our customers to identify the products they not only want, but need. We constantly build upon our history of proven innovation with new products that drive cash handling efficiencies. At the same time our ongoing development programme ensures current products are continuously improved throughout their life cycle.

We know that to drive innovation we must create the right environment; curious, challenging, unafraid of failure, open-minded and adaptable. In 2014 we moved into a new purpose built 36,000 sq ft state of the art office facility at the Innovative Business Park. The new building encompasses a large open plan office, directors’ suite, staff canteen, a large workshop, optical laboratory and test room, creating a perfect hub to nurture innovation.

We now employ over 330 staff worldwide and it is our highly skilled workforce that allow us to continue to grow and innovate. Made up of a unique and diverse range of talented individuals we remain true to our name, recruiting the very best people in every field. For more information on career opportunities with us please visit our careers section.

Research & Development

The Research & Development team, based in the UK Head Office has quadrupled in size over recent years. Consisting of Design Engineers, Material Scientists, Mathematicians, Physicists, Software & Electronic Engineers it is this team who are responsible for new product development.

Innovative Technology’s banknote validators use SPF™ technology to validate banknotes. Sensor responses from the validators are digitized to produce a stream of numerical data. SPF™ uses mathematics to analyse this stream of numbers when deciding whether to reject a counterfeit or accept a genuine note. To maintain the industry-leading speed and accuracy of our validation products, it is vital the mathematical algorithms and techniques we use must remain at the cutting edge. SPF™ technology ensures an industry-leading acceptance rate for multi-currency banknotes of typically 99%+ on all Innovative Technology banknote validators.

SSP – Smiley Secure Protocol is unique to Innovative Technology. This serial interface maximises security and is available as eSSP (encrypted SSP). The encryption of the SSP protocol ensures superior protection and reliability of the data, which is transferred between the validator and host machine. The encryption key is 128 bits long and is divided into two parts.

ECB approval – Note validators NV200, NV200 Spectral, NV9 USB & NV10 USB have all received 100% from the European Central Bank for their ability to recognise fake Euro banknotes and correctly validate


Test Department

The UK has a dedicated Test Department who vigorously test all products before they are released to the marketplace. Tests are conducted on environmental factors such as temperature & humidity to ensure all products operate consistently no matter where they are located in the world. Life cycle testing is conducted on all products to ensure reliability throughout the entire life of each validator.