Thursday, August 23 2018 12:03

Customer Returns

Innovative Technology Ltd (ITL) require a Return Material Authorisation (RMA) for all customer returns. Customers can return units under 4 different procedures:

1. Repair

2. Rework

3. Investigation

4. Return to Stock / Return to Stock Credit (RTS / RTSC)


RMA number 

In order to return units for any of these procedures, customers should contact repairs by e-mail, phone or in person to receive an RMA number (RMA - Return Material Authorisation), email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The label with the RMA number should be attached to each box being returned. Boxes which do not carry this label may be delayed during processing. Shipping fee is NOT included with this label. 


Shipping guidelines

It is important to protect the most fragile part of the products, therefore some basic guidelines are:
• Match your box to the size and weight of your item(s).
• If reusing a box, make sure it's high-quality, with no holes, tears, or dents.
• Wrap items individually with cushioning material and centre them in cartons away from other items and away from the sides, corners, top, and bottom of the box.
• Use fillers like crumpled newspaper, or air-cellular cushioning material such as Bubble Wrap to fill void spaces and prevent movement of goods inside the box during shipping.
• Maximum weight suggest per box is 20kg.

Information Required for RMA

With the aim to provide a better service, customers should report the following information:
• RMA type (Repair, rework, Investigation or RTS / RTSC)
• Quantity of units
• Type of units
• Fault description (as much detail as possible)
• Customer interface
• Dataset/Firmware settings required
To download the full ITL Customer Returns Policy click here.