Thursday, March 15 2012 16:55

Operational Manuals Explained


The new Technical Manuals are designed to be more user friendly, are split into six sections.

Section 1 – Quick Start and Configuration Guide

Section 2 – Field Service Manual

Section 3 – ITL Software Support Guide

Section 4 – Mechanical and Electrical Manual

Section 5 – Software Implementation Guide

Section 6 – Technical Appendices

The manuals are delivered in a zip file with each section designed to contain the information relevant to a specific area of operation / development.

Quick Start and Configuration Guide:

- This section contains the essential information that a user needs to quickly assemble and configure the unit ready for installation into the host machine.

- The Quick Start and Configuration Guide should be download by most users. Eg. software engineers looking at how to operate the validator, project engineers evaluating their first unit, or installation engineers fitting the unit into a host machine.

Field Service Manual:

- This section contains the essential information that a field service engineer needs to clean or maintain the unit that is installed in a host machine and identify faults.

- The Field Service Manual is typically used by field service engineers who are maintaining the product.

ITL Software Support Guide:

- This section contains the information needed for a user to configure and program   the unit, using a range of software tools such as PIPS.

- The ITL Software Support Guide is relevant to any user who wants to test the functionality of the unit, reprogram the firmware or dataset, or set up the encryption key, address or routing for the unit.

Mechanical and Electrical Manual:

- This section contains all the mechanical and electrical information a designer needs to effectively integrate an ITL unit into a host machine

- The Mechanical and Electrical Manual is relevant to design engineers who are designing a host machine cabinet, or looking to integrate an ITL unit into an existing cabinet.

Software Implementation Guide:

- The information in this section details the communications protocols, specific commands and interfaces used including eSSP and ccTalk.

- The Software Implementation Guide is relevant to software engineers looking at how to implement an ITL unit in their host machine, or design engineers looking at including the unit in their host machine.

Technical Appendices:

- This section includes information on product approvals, technical specifications and ordering information.

- The Technical Appendices have no specific audience, but users can find relevant and useful information here.

Manuals are available to download from our website on individual Product Pages