Thursday, July 05 2012 17:11

eSSP Software Development for Host Applications

How to develop eSSP Software for Host Applications.

Smiley Secure Protocol - SSP is a secure interface specifically designed by Innovative Technology to address problems experienced by cash handling systems. eSSP (encrypted SSP) adds an encryption layer using an AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm which uses a 128-bit key for an advanced level of security.

Innovative Technology have various software developer kits to assist when implementing eSSP into kiosks, change machines, amusement or gaming applications. These comprehensive Software Development Kits have been created for the complete, current ITL product range to ensure that integration is as rapid and straightforward as possible, even with limited programming experience. These kits include:

  • Libraries containing methods to handle ports, negotiate encryption keys, construct packets and encrypt commands sent to the validator (encrypted or plain).
  • Full example source code showing how these libraries can be used to best effect to interface with Innovative Technology products. These examples are tailored specifically for our individual product ranges to eliminate confusion and include demonstrations of interfacing with multiple units in one application.

The Software Development Kits are currently available in C# using the .Net framework and Windows C++ will be available shortly. All Windows Software Development Kits are provided as a Visual Studio 2010 project ensuring they are as current as possible. Linux C++ libraries and example source code are also available.

To accompany the Software Development Kits full documentation will shortly be available. This documentation describes the process of implementing your software to communicate with ITL products and provides a description of how to use the libraries provided in the Software Development Kits.

For more information or specific requests, please contact your local support office or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..