Thursday, March 15 2012 15:30

Customer Product References

Customer Product References


I welcome the introduction of the NV11 onto our machine estate. It is a product we have waited a long time for and I am pleased to say it has finally arrived. If the performance of this unit is as good as the training and support given to us by Paul Curley and his team it has every chance of becoming a market leader.
Kevin Astley, Group Service Manager, Bob Rudd Leisure LTD


SMART Payout

When we were researching the options for a bill recycler solution, the Innovative NV200 & SMART Payout came out on top because of its versatility and value for money. The NV200 & SMART Payout offers many features which were beyond the scope of competing products at similar or even higher prices. The main benefits are the acceptance and recycling of a wide range of denominations, resulting in optimal payout performance and less shortages, which has a positive effect on the uptime of the machine. Our customers, both operators and players, are delighted with the NV200 & SMART Payout. Its reliability combined with its user friendliness and versatility makes it an indispensable addition to our product portfolio.
Jurriaan Knol, Product Development Manager,