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Royal Flush Vape introduces ITL’s MyCheckr age estimation technology

Royal Flush Vape are an established UK supplier for the vape community. As part of their commitment and dedication in preventing youth access to vaping and vape-related products, they have recently taken the decision to implement Innovative Technology’s (ITL) age estimation technology across their chain of stores in the North West of England. ITL provide a range of AI-powered biometric solutions, including MyCheckr, that perform age checks to help prevent underage sales, ideal for retailers selling age restricted goods such as vapes.

Speaking about the recent roll-out, Fash Ferdowsian, Director of Royal Flush Vape said, “Whilst being committed to offering a safer alternative to cigarettes, the importance of safeguarding children is paramount to us. All of our stores follow the Challenge 25 policy strictly with staff consistently trained and monitored, but we wanted to go one step further installing MyCheckr to give employees more confidence when checking age.”

MyCheckr is a standalone solution equipped with front-facing camera and screen. It turns red if the person in front of the device appears underage and need to present ID to a staff member, or green if they pass the age check.  

John Vallis, Senior Business Development Manager (Biometrics) for ITL commented, “This tool estimates a customer's age with the highest level of accuracy and all completely anonymously, without storing any images or personal data so customer privacy is assured. In fact, we were the first company in the world to receive independent GDPR certification from ACCS (The Age Check Certification Scheme) for our AI-powered biometric age estimation solution.”

Fash continued, “MyCheckr is not being used as the sole decision maker or to replace staff but rather as a tool to help aid our staff during the vital age check process.  The solution is already increasing positivity between customers and staff, whilst safeguarding both our employees and any minors entering our stores.”

Concluding John said, “Royal Flush Vape are a fantastic example of how responsible vape organisations can implement the correct safeguards using the latest technology to protect minors. We look forward to working with them and help drive the industry push to prevent youth access to vapes.”