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Thursday, 28 November 2019 11:35

Spectral technology in the spotlight at BEGE

ITL reported a successful show at the Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo (BEGE) last week with their Spectral range taking centre stage on the stand. Innovative Technology are strategically growing their reach in Eastern Europe and used BEGE as an opportunity to showcase their new products in the Balkans.

Sasha Kragulj, Business Development Manager said, “We received some great feedback on the new products we had on display in Bulgaria last week, particularly our new Spectral Payout recycler. Visitors were impressed with the unit’s high storage capacity and multi-denomination recycling capabilities and were keen to learn how this unit can dramatically reduce float levels and reduce machine downtime.  When used in conjunction with the SMART Coin System (SCS) customers could see the real benefit of multi-denomination recycling - for both notes and coins - and how this could drastically keep their machines active.  A key attraction for visitors was seeing our unique Spectral Technology in action. The new Spectral Payout uses the NV200 Spectral note validator so gives the highest level of fraud protection with 100% note image capture and sophisticated stained note detection feature.”

Sasha continued, “BEGE visitors also found the ICU age verification device both exciting and dynamic.  The unit uses clever machine learning algorithms to verify age to help Operators comply with gambling restrictions and regulations. It boasts a high level of accuracy with a proven 96% success rate in detecting under 18’s and compared to a human accuracy rate of 69% it outperforms humans across all age ranges. ICU uses artificial intelligence and ITL’s own algorithms to estimate age, but no images are stored so the unit is fully compliant with GDPR.”

Concluding Sasha said, “As well as meeting new customers, we spent some quality time with the big OEM’s at the show who have recently started to use our products. We had some positive discussions round the benefits of integrating the new Spectral recyclers and note validators into their fleet. We look forward to guiding our customers through the installation process and providing real cost savings for their business.”


Check out our full product range: https://innovative-technology.com/products/products-main

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Innovative Vending Solutions (IVS) became an ITL Trading Partner in the first quarter of 2019. Since then both organisations have been successfully collaborating to extend their reach in Eastern Europe, including joining forces to highlight their product range at various exhibitions throughout the year.

IVS based in Romania, offer the latest technical advice to enable customers to make the best decision in purchasing payment systems. They have a strong reputation of providing clients with the best combination of payment systems in this fast-moving and dynamic industry. They represent ITL in all Romanian sectors including, Vending, Gaming, Retail and Parking.

Sasha Kragulj, Business Development Manager commented, “Innovative Vending Solutions became one of our Trading Partners earlier in the year and since joining we have exhibited at two events in Bucharest; Vending Expo in May and Entertainment Arena Expo in September. Both events were a success and gave us the opportunity to jointly present our state-of-the-art portfolio of products and services to the Romanian marketplace. We have been working closely with IVS for a number of years now but since becoming an official trading partner earlier this year, things have really taken off and I am enjoying being involved in joint exhibition marketing initiatives with IVS.”

Commenting, Alexandru Birz, CEO, Innovative Vending Solutions said, “I have been working with Innovative Technology for nearly seven years now and our business relationship is very strong. We already distribute some of their well-established products and have now started to showcase some of ITL’s new exciting products in Romania and Bulgaria, using the recent shows to highlight the benefits these products can bring.  We are especially keen to start providing ITL’s unique Spectral product range, including the highly secure NV9 Spectral and NV200 Spectral banknote validators, NV22 Spectral and Spectral Payout new multi-denomination recyclers, as well as the Bunch Note Feeder.   Our reach in the region is growing and we are fast becoming recognised in the industry as the place to go for the latest technical advice on payment systems.  I look forward to next year, collaborating even further to develop our products and services in the future.”


Read more about our Trading Partnership with IVS:

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Friday, 22 November 2019 07:49













Automatisierte überprüfung beim Verkauf von Artikeln mit Alterbeschränkung



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Last month the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) revealed that following a review of pubs in England and Wales, 84% failed to prevent minors from playing Category C fruit machines following an assessment of 170 pubs across England and Wales over the past year. 

Innovative Technology (ITL) have developed ICU – an instant age verification device designed to help customers who operate age restricted gaming machines on their premises with their responsible gambling obligations.

Dr Andrew O’Brien, ICU Product Manager, commented, “ICU can be used to control access to age restricted gambling venues or installed inside individual gaming machines to restrict play (for example in pubs, clubs or service stations). It can help pub owners take practical steps to combat underage gambling and assist premises and operators to comply with age-related gambling restrictions and regulations.  If you have a pub with a category C gaming machine you can use ICU to safeguard children and ensure compliance with the law.”

Andrew continued, “The UKGC is working closely with local authorities who have primary responsibility for regulating machines however, individual businesses are liable to ensure that they are compliant in checking age verification.  If pubs do not take age verification seriously, they can face fines, prosecutions and even risk losing their entitlement to have gaming machines on their premises. The UK Gambling Commission’s Director, Helen Rhodes was quoted saying that pubs must take age verification on machines as seriously as they do for alcohol sales, and they risk losing their entitlement to offer machines.”

Independent organisations are coming together to tackle this social issue.  The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) and UK Hospitality (UKH) have produced an updated ‘Social Responsibility Charter for Gaming Machines in Pubs’ for their members.  This charter sets out to explain to pub owners how they can prevent children playing on gaming machines by supporting staff to ensure they understand their legal responsibilities. Public Health England have also been tasked to carry out an evidence-based review of gambling related health issues following recommendations to strengthen player protection.

Andrew added, “ICU is an automated age check device that does not require pre-registration or human intervention so is quick and easy for customers to use.  It is very accurate – with a proven 96% success rate in detecting under 18’s and compared to a human accuracy rate of 69% it outperforms humans across all age ranges. Its high level of anti-spoof detection also helps reduce the risk of players gaining access to age restricted premises or using machines fraudulently. ICU uses artificial intelligence and our own algorithms to estimate age but no images are stored so the unit is compliant with GDPR.”

Concluding Andrew Said, “Promoting responsible gambling should be a key part of any large pub chain or independent pub’s corporate social responsibility strategy. But it needs to go beyond this.  The industry as a whole need to collaborate closely to tackle this current issue in our society today.”

For more information visit: https://www.innovative-technology.com/icu-gaming

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