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NV200 has European Central Bank Approval!

Innovative Technology Ltd is pleased to announce the NV200 Bank Note Validator has received European Central Bank (ECB) approval for it’s ability to recognise Euro Note counterfeits. The high volume, high security NV200 received first acceptance rate results of 100% in the independent tests, having correctly identified all genuine and counterfeit notes within the test.

The European Central Bank, test banknote authentication devices on their ability to recognise genuine notes and Euro counterfeits. The results, published on-line, are available to assist banknote users when selecting appropriate counterfeit detection equipment.

Marketing Executive, Dayna Patterson said of the 100% result “We are constantly researching and developing new technology to provide the highest quality bank note validators. The ECB results for the NV200 independently acknowledge the acceptance reliability of our products.”


The ECB test results for banknote authentication devices can be viewed at www.ecb.int/euro/cashhand/devices/results/html/index.en.html