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Spanish Vulkan Systems implement biometrics with Innovative Technology Ltd

One of Innovative Technology Ltd.’s Spanish customers, Vulkan Systems, have recently launched their new Hydra model offering a complete solution for access control in a new era for biometric security. Their Hydra model uses ICU Lite from Innovative Technology Ltd (ITL) for facial recognition which is intelligently integrated with an ID and fingerprint reader to offer a highly secure and reliable access control solution.

Commenting on the collaboration, Jose Garcia Escudero, Business Development Manager at ITL said, “During the recent Expojoc Gaming Exhibition in Valencia, Vulkan Systems launched their Hydra and Hydra Zone versions, equipped with ICU Lite facial recognition and age estimation, as well as an ID card reader, people flow management, fingerprint biometric detection and integrated management system.  I would like to congratulate our colleagues at Vulkan Systems – this is a fantastic example of access control of the future. Integrated with our ICU Lite facial recognition technology, Vulkan Systems can offer its customers a complete solution.  I was personally fascinated by its futuristic design, combining ICU integration with ID and fingerprint reader and pass-through flow control sensors, all intelligently integrated with smartwatch connection and remote management. Ideal for customers who want it all and want the best access control solution! I hope this will see fast adoption, not only in the Spanish gaming market but also in other sectors and countries.”

ICU Lite from ITL is a biometric solution that uses facial analysis to control access to buildings or allow hygienic contactless entry, as well as performing age estimation. The device is a compact, USB sized stick which can be used in any standard USB port available.  ICU Lite can also be combined with an existing document scanner or RFID reader for 1:1 face matching. It intelligently ensures the ID photo matches the person in front of the camera to add an additional layer of security and multi-factor authentication.                                                                                          

Jose Luis Quiles, Technical Director of Vulkan Systems and lead integration engineer commented, “I am impressed with how small the ICU Lite device is, yet it provides us with such a powerful and competitive tool for facial recognition. ITL have supported us with the best possible service, and I am very happy with how smooth the integration process was. We look forward to progressing this collaboration further with ITL and showing the industry just how easy and useful biometrics can be for your business.”