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Age verification is a hit at ACOS 2019

Innovative Technology reported a successful show at the Autumn Coin-Op Show (ACOS) 2019 with their ICU instant age verification device taking centre stage.
Commenting post show Andy Bullock, Senior Business Development Manager said, “ACOS marks the start of our busy show season and gives us an ideal platform to test out new products prior to the big gaming exhibitions at the beginning of next year. We were excited to be able to show ACOS visitors ICU our new age verification device and give them a glimpse of the next iteration of this product with facial recognition features currently in development. ICU automates the age verification process by using clever machine learning algorithms to help combat underage gambling and assist premises and Operators comply with gambling restrictions and regulations.”
ITL’s Spectral technology was also a key feature on the stand. Spectral products have the added security benefit of offering customers exceptional protection against fraudulent and stained notes and use full spectral imaging sensors to validate the authenticity of notes.
Andy continued, “Our customers were keen to test out the NV11 Spectral which is a combination of the NV9 Spectral with a compatible note float module. We welcomed ACOS visitors to the stand to demo how this fast and secure recycler reduces float levels, downtime and coin starvation and they were impressed with the results. ACOS came at an ideal time for us to reassure our customers face to face that it’s only the original NV9USB green label units that’s been made obsolete as we stopped manufacturing this unit over 5 years ago. We want to remind customers that the newer NV9USB+ is still fully available and supported and advise on the various upgrades available to customers with obsolete units.”
Innovative also demoed ReelPay inside a gaming machine showing customers how they can pay via their mobile. This mobile app allows players to transfer funds to any enabled gaming machine quickly and safely, offering a digital, convenient payment method for players.
Concluding Andy said, “Thanks to all our loyal customers who came to see us at ACOS. Plans are now underway for EAG in January and we look forward to seeing everyone there.”
Read more about our full product range: https://innovative-technology.com/products/products-main