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June 2016 Technical Bulletin - Innovative Technology


NV200 firmware version 4.40 released

A new version of the NV200 firmware has now been released, 4.40. Firmware is contained within the currency dataset files and is available to download free from our website within Technical Support/ Currency Download.

• Payout recover flash code 5Red 2Blue (previously showed • as 1Red 2Blue)

• SSP Command Get Serial with 0x01 option now returns the Smart Payout serial.
• ST Support
• Improved handling of oversized notes (longer than 162mm)
• SSP packet download
• Improved motor control at 24v
• Reduced diverter speed at 24v
• Improved note presentation upon reject
• Improved payout anti-jam routines
• Blue flashing bezel during payout update (previously blue and green)
• Note straightening upon rejection when bezel width in dataset is set to 82mm

DA3 firmware 1.21 


A new version of DA3 firmware has now been released and can be downloaded from our website within Technical Support/ Firmware Download. DA31001212019000.vps. This latest firmware release includes:
• Support for BV20 ST added
• Support for NV10 USB+ units added
• Improvements to BV100 with MDB PSU updates
• NV200 and SH3 in ccTalk now supported
• Improvements to SH3 Match downloads
* All DA3 programmers should be updated with this latest firmware release *


DPS firmware 1.21


A new version of DPS software has now been released and can be downloaded from our website within Technical Support/ Software Download. This latest software release includes:
• Support for NV9USB+ (ST) units added
• Latest MDB options added
• Support for NV200 ST added
• Support for NV10 USB+ added
• Support for BV20 ST added
• Different ccTalk addresses now fully supported for Override Downloads on NV200 and SH3

NV card utilities 1.9.5 


A new version of NV card utilities has now been released and can be downloaded from our website within Technical Support/ Software Download. This latest software release includes:
• Support for NV200 ST units and data cards added


New fiver - £5 polymer note 


The New Fiver, the first of the Bank of England’s polymer notes has been unveiled - cleaner, safer and stronger. The introduction of polymer banknotes allows for a new generation of security features which make it even harder to counterfeit. The New Fiver will be issued on the 13th September after which point paper £5 notes will be gradually withdrawn from circulation as they are banked by retailers and businesses.
The New Fiver’s security features include:
A see-through window featuring the • Queen’s portrait.
- The border of the window changes from purple to green.
• Big Ben shown in gold foil on the front of the note and silver on the back.
• A hologram which contains the word ‘Five’ and changes to ‘Pounds’ when the note is tilted.
• A hologram of the coronation crown which appears 3D and multi-coloured when the note is tilted.
• A green foil hologram of the maze at Blenheim Palace.
• Micro-lettering beneath the Queen with tiny letters and numbers visible under a microscope.
• The words ‘Bank of England’ printed in intaglio (or raised ink) along the top of the note.
The new polymer £5 note has now been added to all applicable GBP datasets and is available to download for free from our website Technical Support/ Currency Download, allowing sufficient time for all validators in the field to be updated ahead of the note entering circulation.
For identification all new units which leave the factory enabled for the new £5 polymer will be clearly marked with a new 5 sticker.
To further simplify the process, we will create a SMART Update Tool during the Summer allowing all equipment in the field to be updated with one of our DA3 handheld programmers.

NV10 USB+ 


The NV10 USB+ has now replaced the previous NV10 USB units. The NV10 USB+ includes enhanced sensing technology to future proof the unit. The additional sensors will allow further improvements to security, reliability and overall performance moving forward.
The new model, is compatible with all existing protocols and has identical external dimensions so no modifications will be required on any existing machines currently utilising an NV10 variant.

The new twelve sided £1 coin

The Royal Mint will introduce a new £1 coin in the UK during March 2017. Our current £1 coin has been in circulation for over thirty years, much longer than the normal life cycle of a modern British coin. The new coin is an unusual twelve sided shape and made from two different coloured metals. The £1 will incorporate new anti-counterfeiting technology to become the most secure coin in circulation, allowing the UK to rapidly reduce the amount of fraudulent coins.
The new coin will be thinner than the current at 2.8mm and will be made of nickel and brass. All businesses that handle cash will need to prepare for the introduction of a new coin as all coin handling equipment will have to be updated before March 2017. The Royal Mint have indicated a six month co-existence period before the old £1 coins are withdrawn.
All ITL coin hoppers (SMART Hopper and SMART Coin System) will accept the new coin after a simple, free currency update which should be available Autumn 2016. More information will follow on our website and within our Technical Bulletins.