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August 2015 Technical Bulletin - Innovative Technology


New issue €20 note- SMART Update Tool 
Due to enter circulation on Wednesday 25 November 2015 we have now updated all Euro currency dataset files to include the new issue €20 banknote. Currency dataset files are free to down from our website within the Support / Currency Download section. All new sales orders destined for Europe will now include the new issue €20 as standard.
Andy Bassam, Customer Support Manager commented: “As a leading manufacturer of cash handling equipment we had early access to the new €20 from the ECB. By releasing new Euro datasets now, we hope to provide a smooth transition for operators, providing sufficient time to update units in the field for the new €20 before it enters circulation in November.”
The third banknote in the Europa series, the new €20 note includes a number of additional security features including a portrait window inside a hologram. The new issue €20 note will be released alongside the first series notes and all operators must update their cash handling equipment to be able to accept the new issue banknote. Bassam continued, “Our European offices in the UK, Germany, Spain and Italy are all on hand to assist customers with the €20 update. Our currency datasets are free to download from our website and to ease the burden on operators we have created a SMART Update Tool - €20. With the use of our DA3 handheld programmer and a standard SD card all ITL validators can be quickly and simply updated to accept the new €20. We have created an FAQ page with useful information on our website within the Support / FAQs section and you can contact us via email at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any assistance.”
The full DA3 SMART Update Tool - €20 is available to buy online at our webshop hereFor information on programming with the DA3 SMART Update Tool (or Validator Manager) please refer to the €20 Update FAQ page containing useful links and a step by step video.
New NV9 USB+ & NV10 USB rainbow bezels
We are pleased to announce the release of new NV9 USB+/ NV10 USB rainbow bezels. These new bezels (see part numbers below) can be set to a range of static colours allowing operators to set bezel illuminations to a range of shades along the colour spectrum.
The NV9 USB+ vertical rainbow bezels are available in two different width variations, depending on the banknote they will accept. The new rainbow bezel will have no effect on functionality and all sales orders containing NV9 USB+ / NV10 rainbow bezels will be fulfilled with these new variants.
PA01144 - NV9 USB+ horizontal rainbow bezel
PA02383 - NV9 USB+ vertical rainbow bezel 69mm
PA02388 - NV9 USB+ vertical rainbow bezel 78mm
PA01174 - NV10 USB horizintal rainbow bezel
NV9 USB+ firmware version 3.59 released
A new version of the NV9 USB+ firmware has now been released, 3.59. The firmware is contained within the currency dataset files and is available to download from our website within the Support / Currency Download section.
New functionality
• Improvements to twisted notes detection
• Added configuration support for rainbow bezel
• DA3 logging always enabled
• Added extra DA3 logging for Note Float support
• Added support for SPF3 datasets
• Improved initialisation routines
• Improved empty routines and response times
NV10 firmware version 3.37 released
A new version of the NV10 firmware has now been released, 3.37. The firmware is contained within the currency dataset files and is available to download from our website within the Support/ Currency Download section.
The firmware includes:
• Dataset face checksum is now calculated after interface is initialised
• DA3 logging is now always enabled
• Improvements to MDB implementation
• DES key issue resolved
• Improvements to USB connectivity
NV Card Utilities 1.8.4 released
A new version of NV Card Utilities has been released and is now available to download from our website within Support / Software Download.
New functionality
• Improved recovery routine after an incomplete update
• Support for SPF3 datasets
• ‘No change’ possible for the interface settings during a download
NV200 1k cashbox product change notification – build revision 5
As a result of continuous development, changes have been made to the NV200 1k cashbox (revision 5). The cashbox remains largely the same as previous versions with the addition of a new latch (in orange below) to ease removal and a slider PM02311 (in green below). The only existing part that has changed is PM00793, which has been replaced by PM02307 (in blue below).
ECB Approval
Earlier in the month, we announced that our range of banknote validators have received independent certification from the European Central Bank (ECB). Our banknote validators have received ECB approval for their ability to recognise genuine and counterfeit Euro banknotes. The NV9 USB+, NV10 USB and NV200 banknote validators were tested at De Nederlandsche Bank in Amsterdam and all achieved 100% in the test.
Dr Matt Strong, Research Manager commented: “Our banknote validators have again identified 100% of the genuine and counterfeit Euro banknotes. This is particularly pleasing as it’s the first ECB test to include SPF3 technology, our next generation banknote validation algorithms, which utilises much more real banknote data than previous versions. We’re constantly developing our mathematical techniques and global currency datasets to ensure we remain at the forefront of validation technology, so it’s great to receive this independent certification from the ECB.”
The test results, which are published by the ECB to assist banknote users when selecting appropriate counterfeit detection equipment, can be found online here.