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January 2015 Technical Bulletin - Innovative Technology


BV100 firmware 4.15 released

A new version of the BV100 firmware has now been released, 4.15. Firmware is contained within the currency dataset files and is available to download from our website within Technical Support/ Currency Download.

• Support for SPF3 datasets
NV Card Utilities 1.8

A new version of NV card utilities has been released and is available to download from our website within Technical Support / software Download.


New Functionality

•   Support for SPF3 datasets

•   ‘No change’ possible for the interface settings during a download.

•   Dataflash cards can be formatted for NV200 Initialisation.



• Fixes to the disabled Bezel Settings.


InnoPrint - high quality, low cost alternative printing products
We are pleased to introduce InnoPrint Ltd. A subsidiary of Innovative Technology, Innoprint was formed in March 2013 with an aim to provide high quality, low cost alternative ticketing solutions. After extensive research and product development, InnoPrint are proud to offer a number of exciting ticketing products to the marketplace. 
2014 has seen InnoPrint launch their own product range consisting of barcode, coupon and ticket printers for the amusement and gaming market. Their current range includes two compact coupon printers and a high capacity flatbed ticket printer.
InnoPrint’s flagship product, a high capacity flatbed ticket printer [FBF-166] has a unique print mechanism that ensures tickets are fully printed before issue, reducing ticket wastage and the large ticket capacity reduces operator collection costs.
Also in InnoPrint’s arsenal is the CR-158 compact coupon printer, which is available with two different bezel options, to suit both the European and US markets. Both units boast fast print to present speed and free ticket template software for unlimited branding opportunities.
Development Director, Chris Robinson concluded, “InnoPrint is an offshoot business created to fill a gap in the market for high output, high quality printing technologies. The InnoPrint Team consists of Mechanical, Electronic and Software Engineers, as well as a dedicated Sales Team and we can offer the perfect solution for companies investigating ticketing systems across various applications. Our ticketing product range will be displayed on Innovative Technology’s stand at ICE N1-550. As a group we can now offer a full range of cash and ticketing validation products to customers worldwide. We look forward to bringing our quality, low cost alternative products to the industry".
New €20 release
The new €20 is the third banknote of the Europa series to be introduced after the €5 and €10. The ECB and the national central banks of the euro area will unveil the banknote and announce its exact issuance date on 24 February 2015. The Europa series is being introduced to further improve the integrity of euro banknotes and to keep ahead of counterfeiters. As with previous releases, the ECB is making the new banknote available to banknote equipment manufacturers well before it is issued to ensure tests and adaptations can be made to machines and devices.
More information to follow in future technical bulletins regarding the notes introduction and the inclusion in our currency dataset files.
Newly released datasets
Country                                    Code          Reason                                              Validator
Euro                                         EUR02       Improved acceptance                     NV9/USB/USB+
French Polynesia                  XPF01        New dataset                                     BV20, NV10USB, NV200
Poland                                     PNL01       Improved acceptance                     NV9/USB, NV10USB, NV150, NV200
Poland                                     PLN02       Improved acceptance                     NV9/USB/USB+, NV10/USB, BV100
Upcoming Exhibitions
We already have a number of exhibitions booked for 2015. More information is available on our website within Events. If you are attending any of these shows please do come and see us.