'State of the Art' cash handling equipment.

SafeCash Collect

SafeCash Collect

SafeCash Collect is an automated cash deposit system combining a tamper evident cashbag system (TEBS) with Live Collect data & reporting. The tamper evident cashbag system (TEBS) utilises the most technically advanced note validator in its class, the NV200 Spectral and each cashbag has a unique barcode for full audit traceability. High capacity cashbags (up to 1000 new notes) reduce the number of cash in transit visits and SafeCash Collect eliminates cash shrinkage. Data and reporting functions from Live Collect can link multiple machines across different sites providing; bag activity, historic data, infomation on notes collected and servicing. The NV200 Spectral cash handling peripheral can be updated remotely too
• Secure tamper evident cashbag
• Live data and reporting with 'Live Collect' 
• Unique i-Key security (iButton)
• Remote updates
• 100% note image capture - 4.8 million datapoints


Technical Specification

110 - 240V, 2A max 50-60Hz

Bezel Options
Standard bezel 


Note Dimensions

Width: 60 - 85 mm

Length: 115 - 162 mm







Cashbag Capacity
up to 1000 new notes

19 kg