Thursday, March 15 2012 17:05

What Payout Devices Do ITL Offer?

What payout devices do ITL offer?

Innovative Technology offer a number of payout / recycler solutions. 

SMART Hopper

The SMART Hopper is a true multi-coin hopper operating at speeds of up to 12 coins per second. It validates, discriminates and stores coins for payout, eliminating the need for multiple hoppers and coin sorters.


SMART Coin System

The SMART Coin System Hopper is a state of the art bulk coin validator, hopper and recycler in one. The unit validates, discriminates and stores mixed coins, eliminating coin starvation & the need for multiple hoppers.

SMART Payout

The SMART Payout is a modular add on for the NV200 bank note validator and can store up to 70 mixed denomination bank notes for payout.



NV11 - Validator + Note Float

The NV11 combines a (NV9 USB) bank note validator with a Note Float payout unit to enable note recycling. Up to 30 notes of a single denomination can be stored in the Note Float, to provide note payout capability - helping to alleviate the pressure on traditional coin hoppers and keep machines running.



NV12 - Compact Validator & Ticket Printer

The NV12+ is a revolutionary compact validator and ticket printer that dramatically reduces operational costs by eliminating hopper starvation and reducing cash handling tasks.





More details of our current product range can be found within Products.