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Winter 2018/19 Technical Bulletin


BV100 Obsolescence

ITL will cease production of the BV100 bill validator on the 31st December 2019.
We would like to ensure customers that we will continue to support the BV100 with existing currency datasets for five years until 2024. For spare part requirements please contact your local sales manager.
For customers looking to source an alternative validator we recommend the NV9 USB+, BV50 or NV9 Spectral. Please visit our website Products section for more details on our product range.


New currency dataset files - €100 & €200
We will release during February all applicable €100 & €200 Euro currency dataset files, available to download free of charge from our website. Support / Software 
The new €100 & €200 Euro banknotes enter circulation 28th May 2019  and by making these files available in advance customers can update ITL note validators ahead of time. 
Following this a pre-programmed DA3, to update ITL validators in the field will be available. This SMART Update Tool provides all applicable datasets containing the €100 & €200 Euro banknote across our product range, allowing multiple units in the field to be easily updated with ease using our handheld DA3 programmer. To access the latest SMART Update Tools visit Support / Software or visit our Webshop to purchase.


NV200 Spectral Support Videos

A suite of support videos have been uploaded to our website under Support / Support Videos. These short videos cover maintenance, connection and add on modules.

  • Cleaning NV200 Spectral
  • Opening NV200 Spectral Cashbox
  • Cleaning SMART Ticket Module
  • Clear NV200 Spectral Cashbox Jam
  • Connecting Power & Communication Cables
  • Removing NV200 Spectral Cashbox
  • Removing NV200 Spectral Modules
  • SD Card Functionailty
  • Removing & Inserting TEBS Bags