Automating Transactions: Cash Handling Equipment & Intelligent Identification



Accelerate customer throughput

Significantly reduce expensive service calls

Increase staff efficiencies with fewer refills






Ideal for retail


Accelerate customer throughput

Reduce machine downtime


Automate float levels with
replenishment casette

Fewer refills to improve staff efficiency


4 x recycling cassettes




Reduce expensive service calls


On-board diagnostics for
in-house troubleshooting

Protect revenue


100% image capture -
full hyperspectral imaging
















 Modular design, recycle up to 420 bills of 5 denominations


 Faster bill processing, optimise transaction times


 Exceptional street grade bill first time acceptance
& rejection of stained bills


 On-board diagnostics for in-house troubleshooting
No tools required to access all bill routes


 Optional 300 bill replenishment cassette to auto float
all recycling modules or use as a high volume
single denomination recycler

 Increase staff efficiencies with fewer refills



 Accelerate customer throughput & enhance experience



 Future proof your cash handling investment
& protect revenue



 Significantly reduce external service calls
& machine downtime



 Improve efficiency with automated
float management


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Direct USB connection between the unit and host machine. A high level api is available to all for easy integration into your host machine software
Smiley® Secure Protocol (SSP) and Encrypted Smiley® Secure Protocol (eSSP) are field proven secure interfaces specifically designed by Innovative Technology Ltd. to address the problems associated with cash handling systems. Problems such as acceptor swapping, re-programming acceptors and line tapping are all addressed. This interface is recommended for all new designs. Innovative Technology Ltd. provides full SDK packages upon request including Interface Specification, Implementation Guide as well as source code examples for C++, C#.NET and Linux.
Fast bill processing: Payout < 1.5 seconds, Acceptance speed = 2 seconds
The standard NV4000 model includes 85mm bezel, 1000 note cashbox, 4 recycling cassettes and a replenishment cassette (optional). Other configurations available on request.
Mean Cycles Between Failure (MCBF) = 100,000 (a failure is classed as an event which will require a service call).