'State of the Art' cash handling equipment.


ReelPay is a mobile app which allows customers to seamlessly transfer funds to any enabled reel based or digital gaming machine, quickly and safely. Players no longer need to carry cash to play, they simply transfer funds from their mobile app for instant play. The app is freely available in the UK and can be easily downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. A QR code is scanned enabling players to deposit funds securely to an individual gaming machine via their smartphone using their debit card.

Following successful trials in 2018 on both reel based and digital machines at a number of sites across the North West, ReelPay is now available across the UK as an easy-to-use alternative payment solution. For more information visit



• Cashless payment option


• Optimise cashbox revenue


• Convenient customer payment

Additional Benefits

The major Operator benefits of ReelPay come from our Live Collect system, which runs in the background providing real-time data and transaction reporting across machines and sites. It revolutionises collection routines and provides 24/7 machine audit traceability and performance. In addition, remote download of currency datasets and firmware is available saving both time and money. More information can be found at


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