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Items filtered by date: October 2019

The leading exhibition for the gaming and entertainment industry in Eastern Europe takes place at the Inter Expo Center in Sofia, Bulgaria on 20-21 November 2019.   Innovative Technology will demo their latest innovations at BEGE (Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo) including age verification and Spectral technology.   

Sasha Kragulj, Business Development Manager said, “Our presence in the region continues to expand and we have been showcasing our products at various events around Eastern Europe over the past year.”

“We are eager to show BEGE visitors the new Spectral Payout. This unit is ideal for high volume applications requiring secure, multi-denomination recycling.  It offers 80 note true mixed denomination recycling and large storage capacity for all denominations eliminating coin starvation & reducing the coin float level required to keep machines operational.  Utilising the NV200 Spectral validator this recycler boasts state-of-the-art Spectral technology, offering the highest level of security with 100% note image capture and stained note detection.

Installing this unit in conjunction with the SMART Coin System (SCS) – a bulk coin validator, mixed coin hopper and recycler in one, results in fast, multi-denomination recycling for both notes and coins.  The SCS has a market leading coin hopper capacity with payout speeds of up to 12 coins per second to eliminating coin starvation, the need for multiple hoppers to improve cashflow.”

Innovative Technology also plan to debut their new age verification device (ICU) to the Bulgarian gaming industry.

Sasha continued, “ICU automates the age verification process by using clever machine learning algorithms to help combat underage gambling and assist premises and Operators comply with gambling restrictions and regulations. Boasting a high level of accuracy with a proven 96% success rate in detecting under 18’s, it provides a seamless service for the end-user as there is no need for customers to pre-register.”

Commenting on their involvement at BEGE, Sasha Kragulj, Business Development Manager concluded, “Eastern Europe is an important region for us, so we are looking forward to highlighting our innovative product range to BEGE visitors. Come along and see us on stand 3.9 to find out more.” 

Read more about our full product range: https://innovative-technology.com/products/products-main

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Leading provider of cash handling technology, Innovative Technology reported a positive show at the 11th International PLUS-Forum Banking and Retail exhibition at the beginning of October in Moscow.  Visitors were impressed with ITL’s Spectral range especially the new Bunch Note Feeder, designed for the high-volume retail and banking sectors. ITL’s ICU was also popular on their stand, this age verification device helps retailers manage the sale of age restricted goods to ensure compliance. 
Georgiy Frolov, ITL Business Development Manager in Russia, commented, “The new Spectral Bunch Note Feeder (BNF) had its first outing in Russia.  This unit has a big 2200 cashbox so is ideal for the retail and banking industry and visitors were impressed with its large capacity 100+ notes tray. Notes enter the validator from the bottom of the note pile so constant refill is available, significantly minimising cash replenishment time as customers no longer need to wait until all notes are fed in before refilling.  Smart safe and deposit applications can also add-on the Safe Interface module to prolong the note path and transport the notes into a secure safe environment. This gives customers the ability to gain access to the validator head (and BNF) for maintenance while the cash is securely stored inside the smart safe. The Spectral BNF also has fast acceptance speeds (less than 2 seconds) and successfully lowers operational costs.”  
ITL also demoed their NV9 Spectral. This highly secure and technologically advanced banknote validator has state-of-the-art spectral sensors providing high resolution imaging, scanning 1.28 million data points to authenticate the validity of notes giving exceptional protection against fraudulent and stained notes. 
Georgiy continued, “ICU was a real hit on the stand at PLUS-Forum.  This automated age verification device does not require pre-registration or human intervention and quickly and accurately predicts age to determine customers suitability to purchase.  It can help retailers avoid unwanted fines and prosecutions and can speed up age approvals, dramatically reducing queues resulting in faster throughput and increased revenue.”
Georgiy concluded, “We enjoyed catching up with PLUS Forum visitors and demonstrating how our banking and retail product range can improve cash handling efficiencies, eliminate shrinkage and accounting errors, reduce cash in transit collection costs and improve the customer experience whilst reducing overall operational costs – with the highest level of security being a prerequisite.”
Read more about our full product range: https://innovative-technology.com/products/products-main
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Innovative Technology, the leading provider of banknote validation and recycling technology have recently welcomed Ong Choo Teong to their APAC operations as Business Development Manager for South East Asia and Australasia. Ong will be based in Malaysia and is responsible for all sales activities in these established yet growing territories for ITL.

Commenting on his role Ong said, “I am delighted to take on such an important role at a time where ITL is experiencing rapid expansion. Innovative Technology is a dynamic organisation with an increasing presence throughout the globe and I am looking forward to helping grow our reach in these emerging markets.  I am settling in well and enjoying travelling across Asia to meet up with both current and potential customers.”

Ong will be responsible for all sales activities, from formulating and executing sales strategy, identifying sales opportunities, following up leads, securing new business and driving deployment of solutions. He will also support order processing and other related areas of the business as well as setting up and managing Trading Partners within the specified regions.

Welcoming Ong to the organisation, Tony Morrison, Group Sales Director said, “Ong has over 10 years’ experience in various sales and account management roles within the retail industry so is ideally placed to take on this opportunity. In his previous position Ong had responsibility for an entire retail sales division in Malaysia therefore knows the industry’s key customers well and already has many established executive-level relationships.  As an organisation we have the right products for the region and are keen to capitalise on various potential areas of growth within South East Asia and Australasia and I look forward to working with Ong to successfully achieve this.”


Check out our innovative product range: https://innovative-technology.com/products/products-main

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Monday, 07 October 2019 11:01

Age verification is a hit at ACOS 2019

Innovative Technology reported a successful show at the Autumn Coin-Op Show (ACOS) 2019 with their ICU instant age verification device taking centre stage.
Commenting post show Andy Bullock, Senior Business Development Manager said, “ACOS marks the start of our busy show season and gives us an ideal platform to test out new products prior to the big gaming exhibitions at the beginning of next year. We were excited to be able to show ACOS visitors ICU our new age verification device and give them a glimpse of the next iteration of this product with facial recognition features currently in development. ICU automates the age verification process by using clever machine learning algorithms to help combat underage gambling and assist premises and Operators comply with gambling restrictions and regulations.”
ITL’s Spectral technology was also a key feature on the stand. Spectral products have the added security benefit of offering customers exceptional protection against fraudulent and stained notes and use full spectral imaging sensors to validate the authenticity of notes.
Andy continued, “Our customers were keen to test out the NV11 Spectral which is a combination of the NV9 Spectral with a compatible note float module. We welcomed ACOS visitors to the stand to demo how this fast and secure recycler reduces float levels, downtime and coin starvation and they were impressed with the results. ACOS came at an ideal time for us to reassure our customers face to face that it’s only the original NV9USB green label units that’s been made obsolete as we stopped manufacturing this unit over 5 years ago. We want to remind customers that the newer NV9USB+ is still fully available and supported and advise on the various upgrades available to customers with obsolete units.”
Innovative also demoed ReelPay inside a gaming machine showing customers how they can pay via their mobile. This mobile app allows players to transfer funds to any enabled gaming machine quickly and safely, offering a digital, convenient payment method for players.
Concluding Andy said, “Thanks to all our loyal customers who came to see us at ACOS. Plans are now underway for EAG in January and we look forward to seeing everyone there.”
Read more about our full product range: https://innovative-technology.com/products/products-main
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