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The SMART Way!

From stand 4350 at the IGE - International Gaming Expo (January 2010) The SMART Way will be demonstrated to the gaming and amusement industry’s elite. Innovative Technology are inviting all operators and machine manufacturers to the stand to see for themselves the combined ability of the SMART Hopper and the SMART Payout with the NV200.   


Creating ‘The SMART Way’ has taken time and dedication and various hurdles have needed to be overcome to bring the concepts to the marketplace.


Coin Pay out


Historically anyone requiring a coin pay out has two options.

  • Hopper
  • Change giver


The marketplace needed a large volume device with a fast payout rate, capable of paying out multi denomination coins.


This gap in the market formed the basis of the SMART Hopper concept and development started work on this in 2001. Advances in micro processing technology over the years since the SMART Hopper development began allowed the desired speed and reliability of coin sensing to be achieved. The SMART Hopper was finally released to the marketplace in July 2009, boasting speeds of 12 coins per second, from up to 11 different denominations.


Note Pay out


In January 2008 Innovative investigated note payout technology within the marketplace. Various ‘note recycler’ units were entering the marketplace. However note storage capability was low and only limited denomination could be dispensed.


A gap in the market existed for a unit capable of storing a large number of notes and paying out mixed denomination notes, from a given currency.  The SMART Payout development began - to create a modular add on unit for the NV200 note validator, allowing all notes accepted by the validator to be paid out.


Various challenges had to be overcome, starting with how to store and payout mixed notes. The development team had to work to a specific space design to allow the payout unit to fit the depth of the NV200 validator as an add-on module. The SMART Payout was launched in August 2009 offering a storage capacity of 80 mixed denomination notes, bringing advanced multi-note payout technology to any machine that needs to payout notes.


Note Validator 


The NV200 was an extension to Innovative Technology’s note validator range, moving the company into high volume, high security applications. Designed with triple lock security and a 500 note cashbox the NV200 accepts and stacks notes in just 3 seconds. A secure, reliable bank note validator the NV200 is capable of accepting high value notes.


When the NV200 was originally designed in 2007 it was created with the Smart payout unit in mind. The NV200 was designed with an internal note diverter at the rear of the validator but with the mechanism disabled.  The NV200 has been well received by the market since it was launched and received independent praise from the European Central Bank (ECB) for it’s ability to recognise Euro Note counterfeits.



The SMART Way combines the SMART Hopper, SMART Payout and NV200 to create one complete system offering note in, note out and coin out for any machine. The new way to keep your machines running and your customers.