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NV9 USB & NV10 USB - The next generation of Smiley validators is here!

Developed in response to customer demand the NV9 and NV10 are now USB capable.

A direct replacement for the popular Smiley bank note validators the NV9 USB and NV10 USB have been developed in direct response to customer feedback. Two key features requested by customers have been incorporated into the new NV9 & NV10 USB validators: USB connectivity and simpler programming.


The NV9 USB and NV10 USB are ideal for any application and leave the factory ready for immediate installation. Programming is via a new configuration button and the validators can be plugged directly into a USB port via the ITL 16-way connector.

Key benefits of the NV9 & NV10 USB include:

  • Simpler programming via a configuration card. By filling in the required boxes on a configuration card interfaces can be easily altered, denominations enabled and pulses set.
  • USB connection is achieved through the ITL 16-way connector via an ITL to USB cable.
  • All existing interfaces are still available in the USB units.

The NV9 USB and NV10 USB still boast quick transactions with a high acceptance rate of 99.8% using SPF™ technology and the same exceptional value and design. To help combat the current economic climate the new USB validator versions retail at the existing NV9 and NV10 validator price!

The NV10 USB validator is available now and will be followed shortly by the NV9 USB!

More details are available on our website www.innovative-technology.co.uk within Products. If you would like to arrange a demonstration please contact your local office or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.