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ITL announce non-intrusive spoof detection for facial recognition technology

ICU – Intelligent Identification from ITL offers three functions; age verification to automate to control access to age restricted goods and services, facial recognition to accurately verify and identify individuals and face covering detection to reject or allow safe entry into premises.

Dr Andrew O’Brien, ICU Product Manager announced, “We have been continually improving and adapting ICU since it was launched in 2019. Our latest version includes several new features all designed to bring additional benefits to customers.  One of the key upgrades is the introduction of the non-intrusive spoof detection which can be used to prevent various fraudulent presentation attacks using videos or photographs via mobile phones and even stolen selfies which have recently been reported for sale on the internet for biometric spoof purposes.  The great thing is no specialised cameras are required for our spoof detection; it can be easily integrated with a standard camera to create an intelligent identifier. Rather than depending on limited information from just one image, ICU has the added benefit of using a series of images which give a more accurate and stable result for both age verification and facial recognition. The multi-layered spoof detection approach takes places in the background without affecting user experience and gives an extra level of intelligence which greatly enhances the performance of the product.”

This edge solution from ITL gives customers an immediate response as both age verification and facial recognition system processes are performed locally providing a more reliable output and faster response.  The device only requires an internet connection for set up and updates so it can be operated in areas without permanent internet. ITL have also included face covering detection as an extra feature which comes as standard. Ideal for those organisations where face coverings are mandatory.

Christian Czeskleba, ICU Business Development Manager for ITL commented, “This upgraded version of ICU also boasts more memory which allows for a larger database of faces to be stored locally. It delivers a fast output ensuring seamless, quick and secure customer transactions. We are also exploring new developments to enable further demographic data to be identified.”