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NV11 = NV9 USB Validator + Note Float 
The NV11 incorporates an NV9 USB bank note validator and ‘Note Float’ payout unit.

The NV11 is the new must have validator payout system for operators, optimising cash management to help alleviate the problem of coin starvation and keep machines fully operational.


With a 300 note cash box and the capability of storing a further 30 notes in the Note Float unit for future payout, the NV11 can be utilised to give change or prizes.

As note pay-in becomes more commonplace in the AWP and vending industries, the ability to payout notes is a must to alleviate the pressure on coin hoppers and keep machines fully operational. The exceptional value NV11 reduces the frequency of operator refill, optimising cash management by utilising notes already collected from pay in.

The Note Float unit can be programmed to store and dispense any single denomination note, using a last in first out system where the last note stored in the Note Float is available for payout or transfer to the secure cashbox. Up to 16 different bank note denominations can be accepted by the validator and stacked in the secure cashbox.

The NV11 is USB capable and reprogramming is simple via the configuration button. Mounted horizontally the NV11 stands 246mm high and comes with this standard 300 note cashbox (PA898) shown here. [300 lockable, 300 slide and 600 slide cashbox capacities are available on request].

Communication with the NV11 is achieved using Innovative Technology’s eSSP Protocol and each unit leaves the factory preset to at least one currency, so is ready for immediate installation.


Technical Data
- 30 note capacity in Note Float
- Horizontal mounting only
- Standard cashbox capacity: 300 notes
- Combined dimensions: 246 x 222 x 104 mm
- Combined Weight: 2.2 kg
- Power supply: 12V +/- 10%
- Current: 350mA Standby, 3A Peak for 300mS
- USB capable
- eSSP Protocol (encrypted SSP) or ccTalk

For more information on the NV11 (NV9 USB Validator + Note Float) please contact your local office, Trading Partner or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The NV11 will be officially launched at: Fer Interazar, Madrid 22-24th September. 
Stand: E9 – Automated Transaction s.l.