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ITL secures new trading partner in Kazakhstan

Innovative Technology are pleased to announce a trading partnership with LLP Prostye Terminaly (Master Sky™) who are based in Kazakhstan. Prostye Terminaly produce and service payment & bank terminals, deposit machines, vending machines and other self-service terminals.
Georgiy Frolov, Business Development Manager commented, “We have been working with Prostye Terminaly for over five years and have a reliable, well-established relationship with them. We have seen lots of development in the region, so the purpose of the partnership is to extend Innovative Technology’s market reach in the central Asian district particularly Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Prostye Terminaly’s clients are some of the largest gaming and retail companies in Kazakhstan, so we are very excited about this partnership and the support we will be able to provide to the region.”
Georgiy continued, “We have a long and established presence in the region as we first introduced our products into Kazakhstan around 15 years ago. Our NV range in particular has proved very popular across the area, especially the NV9, NV10 and NV200. Our recyclers - the SMART Payout and SMART Coin System are perfect for payment terminals, allowing mixed coin and note payment for customer convenience and the ability to recycle all denominations from any given currency to keep machines operational. We have some new products coming to market later this year that the region will love, and I look forward to working with Prostye Terminaly to promote these new innovations to both the Gaming and Retail markets.”
Commenting on the partnership Denis Sattarov, Director, Prostye Terminaly said, “We are very pleased to be named an official Trading Partner of Innovative Technology having worked with them for a number of years. Prostye Terminaly can offer qualified and local service in the region using our production, sales and service expertise. We are looking forward to a successful trade partnership with Innovative Technology for many years to come.”