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A testing time in Amsterdam!

Damian Roach, Test Currency Engineer visited the European Central Bank (ECB) in Amsterdam representing ITL...

In July, I spent three days in Amsterdam at De Nederlandsche Bank to complete European Central Bank (ECB) independent framing testing. The ECB testing is a yearly event but having missed last year I was excited to return to Amsterdam.

The purpose of this visit is to undertake recognition testing for our note validator range identifying both genuine and counterfeit notes for 4 of our key products: NV9 USB; NV10 USB; NV200 and NV200 Spectral. As you can imagine, security is very strict at the bank much like airport security, with ID checks at reception and metal detectors before you can enter the bank or the test room with no money, mobiles or bags allowed. 

It can take up to 3 hours to test one product so I had 3 vigorous days of testing at the bank. The days are long and repetitive but it’s all worth it when you hear that we have passed. All of our products were tested successful and the validators obtained a 100% pass rate, approved to ECB standards.

During my time in Amsterdam I managed to fit in a few sights on my way to and from the bank each day. I took several walks along the canals and visited the impressive Rembrandt Square.  One evening I fancied a “small” snack so ordered one of the popular crepes in a local café. The waiter brought my crepe which was the size of a very large pizza but it was delicious so I managed to finish it!

I’ll look forward to the trip again next year and another giant crepe.