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Name: Ian Poxon
Job Title: Applied Physicist
Department: Research
Worked at ITL since: 2015

In my role as Applied Physicist, I am tasked with providing solutions to some of the less obvious problems that are experienced in the field. I also assist the Development team with the more theoretical aspects of design, such as creating computer models of light guide designs. To assist me on my varied troubleshooting missions, I am provided with cutting-edge tools and technology that any Scientist would be lucky to utilise.

I am given a lot of autonomy to complete tasks in the manner I want. The obstacles we are tasked to overcome are broad in both scope and concept so there is often no ‘correct’ approach to take. This is an exciting part of the job, and something that provides a constant stream of new challenges.

Everything that the Science team does is designed to improve the functionality of ITL’s banknote validators and coin hoppers, but in truth, it doesn’t really matter which products we are working on because the scientific concepts are so universal. This was my first job since finishing my Phd, and I had no knowledge of cash handling equipment. However, this job involves investigating the science behind the products and I was already somewhat familiar with certain aspects from my university experience.

What benefits me:

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