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Items filtered by date: Octubre 2021

Innovative Technology reported a busy, networking event at The Autumn Coin-Op (ACOS) last week following a long-awaited return to the exhibition calendar for the amusement industry. The annual show took place over two days at the new venue for 2021, ILEC Conference Centre, Earls Court, London.

Andy Bullock, Senior Business Development Manager said, “It was fantastic to see colleagues and customers in-person last week – we have not attended an event in the UK since February 2020, so this exhibition was long overdue and most welcome! Our stand was packed out on both days, and we received some really positive feedback on the products we were showcasing.”

Andy continued, “Our NV22 Spectral recycler went down a storm with the visitors. Although this was not the first showing to the industry, customers didn’t recall all the benefits and how this could really improve cash handling efficiencies, as they had not seen the product since before the COVID pandemic began. The NV22S is a market leading, compact mixed note recycler which combines a NV9 Spectral banknote validator and ‘Multi Note Float’ payout unit. It can store and recycle up to 40 mixed notes, maximising cash efficiency and reducing coin starvation as well as significantly reducing operational costs. We also updated customers about the NV9 Spectral range now fully supporting the £50 note, due to the new polymer note dimensions being narrower and Spectral Technology providing high end security validation. The next Technical Bulletin will follow for our customers to download the free dataset updates.”

“The team had some exciting conversations about ICU age verification and facial recognition. Safer gambling is high on everyone’s agenda so it was good to talk to Operators about how they can use ICU age verification to combat underage gambling, plus utilise facial recognition to assist with ensuring their self-exclusion policies are implemented and adhered to. Our product has key advantages when compared to other offerings in the market; it requires no internet, has no recurring fees and it offers world leading accuracy.” 

Concluding Andy commented, “It was also great to see CashGenic – our hygienic cash automation offering, being utilised on a customer’s stand in a change redemption machine. We’re working closely with our CashGenic partners in the UK who supply this full solution to enable customers wanting to pay by cash to do so safely and hygienically. Overall, the show was a great success for us, and we look forward to the next gaming and amusement events scheduled in the calendar for 2022.”

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Innovative Technology have recently revitalised their collaboration with their dedicated Trading Partner (BV20 Ltda.) in the region to bolster their presence in Brazil and several other countries in Latin America. Innovative Technology – a leading provider of cash handling technology, have been in partnership with BV20 Ltda. for a decade and the Brazil-based company are well-known as their official distributor for the region.

Commenting on their long collaboration, ITL’s Sales Director, Mustapha Hadj-Ahmed said, “BV20 Ltda. have a strong reputation of providing clients with the best combination of payment systems in this fast-moving and developing region. For many years they have represented ITL in many sectors including, Vending, Arcade and Amusement. Our relationship is well established and Nelson, who heads up the company, was instrumental in helping Innovative Technology introduce the BV20 bill acceptor into South America when this product was first launched in the region. This compact, light-weight bill acceptor is ideal for amusement and low value vending applications. It’s thanks to his dedication and hard work that our brand is well known in these countries now. Our partner also distributes the BV50 bill acceptor which is designed specifically for 66 mm width bills plus they will be key to supplying the brand new BV30 bill acceptor to both existing and new customers. Not only is the BV30 compact and reliable but also boasts enhanced sensing & security, quick transactions and can be installed for the same price as a coin mech.”

Nelson Ramon Aguilera, Business Owner of BV20 Ltda.commented, “We have been working with Innovative Technology for 10 years now and our business relationship is very strong. We distribute some of their well-established products to customers in Brazil and other areas in Latin America such as Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia.  I look forward to working with Mustapha and the rest of the team at ITL to continue to supply their field-proven products to customer in the region and ensure the newly launch BV30 achieves market penetration over the coming years.”

Concluding Mustapha said, “I am proud of this decade in partnership, and I would like to congratulate Nelson and thank him for his commitment over the years – I am sure this relationship will go from strength to strength.”

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Thorsten Labusch, based in ITL’s German office in Pinneberg, marks 20 years with the company this month. Thorsten has worked his way up through the ranks as Innovative Technology (ITL) have expanded globally, holding various positions along the way. He is currently VP of Sales and Business Development specifically for the retail and kiosk side of the business.

Commenting on his long-standing achievement, Thorsten said, “I joined Innovative Technology’s German branch, formally Automated Transaction GmbH, back in 2001 and was responsible for creating a Technical Support and Repairs Department in the Pinneberg office, just outside Hamburg. One of my first challenges was to assist with the adoption of the Euro helping customers upgrade their devices to the new currency. This was a huge milestone for the cash handling industry and an exciting time to join the company! ITL then grew significantly over the next few years so I took on a sales role for our gaming, amusement and vending customers which involved a lot of travelling, introducing customers to our new products which were entering the market at the time.”

Continuing, Thorsten said, “ITL then diversified and began developing products and new business in the Retail & Kiosk sector so I took responsibility for this new market in 2012 and became Senior Business Development Manager, Retail & Kiosk in 2013. In 2016, I was promoted to the position I hold now - VP of Sales & Business Development, heading up the RK sales. This is an exciting and ever-changing market, and I relish the challenge of ensuring our offerings meet with retailers’ requirements. I love being part of the ITL family and know there are lots of exciting times yet to come!”

Marcus Tiedt, Sales & Marketing Director, also based at ITL’s Germany office commented, “Thorsten and I have worked together for the past 20 years, and we have seen the business grow into a successful enterprise. Appointing him was one of the best decisions I made, he is a key part of our success, and I would like to congratulate him on this long-standing commitment to the business. He is a dedicated, hard-working, and strategic part of the team and does a fantastic job looking after all our retail and kiosk customers. He is a great manager, and our retail sales team think very highly of him.”

Concluding, Tony Morrison, Group Sales Director said, “Retail is a crucial growth area for the company, and we continue to develop key products for this sector such as CashGenic; hygienic cash automation kit, NV200 Spectral range and ICU for age verification. Our retail offerings will be showcased at retail exhibitions throughout the year, such as Paris Retail Week at the end of last month and EuroCIS in Germany which will take place early next year. Thorsten is an important driver of our retail business development strategy going forward, and I look forward to working with him for many years to come.”

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Innovative Technology (ITL) reported a successful show at Paris Retail Week that took place last week over three days in the French capital.  ITL, leading cash handling and biometrics solutions provider, showcased their latest innovations to delegates who gathered following several delays due to the pandemic.  

Thorsten Labusch, VP of Sales & Business Development said, “This was the first time ITL have been involved in the Paris exhibition and we are pleased we decided to participate. It provided the long-awaited opportunity to meet with new and existing customers allowing us to demo our retail and kiosk offerings to show how they can bring real business efficiencies. The retail sector is ever-changing, and technology-led so this event offered an important platform to network and obtain customer opinion to ensure we are providing the right solutions that the sector requires. We received positive feedback on our ICU biometrics range, especially the age verification and face covering detection functions, plus CashGenic – to enable hygienic cash payments, as well as classic OEM business potentials for our NV200 Spectral cash handling range.”

Stephan Rosseneu, dedicated Business Development Manager for the French region, said, “This was my first exhibition for ITL after joining the company only a few months back, so this was a great way to introduce myself to our customers and partners. We had a steady flow of people over the three days many showing a keen interest in our ICU biometrics solution. ICU Pro performs world leading accurate age verification & facial recognition-based functions to control access to entry points and premises. The more compact ICU Lite is used at machine level to ensure retailers prevent underage customers accessing age restricted goods, with no internet connection necessary and no reoccurring cost. Retail and kiosk delegates were particularly excited to see the live view – enabling them to visualise the technology in action. ICU successfully being able to detect face coverings was also a great advantage for many retailers as masks are still compulsory in many settings in the region.”

Concluding Stephan commented, “We had a productive time collaborating with our new Partner in France – IPM, and together we made plans to work with them to distribute our retail offerings, including CashGenic - hygienic cash automation, to French customers. This affordable solution enables customers wanting to pay by cash to do so safely and hygienically. The pay-in and pay-out is easily managed by staff via a mobile tablet device.  It was a hit on the ITL stand and we look forward to working with IPM over the coming months to provide this solution to end customers ensuring payment choice and helping businesses save time, money, and resources.”

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Lunes, 04 October 2021 17:06

Mustapha Hadj-Ahmed: 25 años en ITL


El director de ventas de ITL, Mustapha Hadj-Ahmed, celebró este mes unos impresionantes 25 años en la empresa.  Fundador y artífice de la oficina de Innovative Technology en España, Mustapha ha sido una parte integral del éxito y la expansión de ITL en Europa y Sudamérica.

Al comentar sobre el hito de los 25 años, Mustapha dijo: “Me uní a ITL en 1996 y creé la oficina española en Barcelona. En ese momento, Innovative solo tenía una oficina en el Reino Unido y buscaba expandir su oferta de equipos para manejo de efectivo a Europa. Ha sido un gran privilegio liderar la rama española de ITL, establecer la oficina y formar un gran equipo para apoyar a nuestros clientes. Uno de los logros del que estoy más orgulloso esta relacionado con nuestros clientes de juego españoles, con los que hemos mantenido un impresionante récord de cuota de mercado de forma ininterrumpida durante las últimas 2 décadas ".

“Posteriormente , dirigimos nuestra estrategia a nuevos mercados y desarrollamos productos para la industria minorista creando la división de Retail-Kiosc-Banking . Esta oportunidad nos ha permitido contratar un nuevo gerente de desarrollo comercial en Sudamérica, un área que también ha sido siempre de mi responsabilidad y en la que todavía estoy muy involucrado y con muchas ganas de seguir creciendo. A lo largo de los años he viajado por el mundo por motivos de trabajo, incluyendo  Brasil, América Latina, Europa y Estados Unidos. Realmente disfruto conociendo a nuestros clientes y aprendiendo sobre sus culturas. Este es un momento emocionante para ITL y espero ser parte de la familia durante muchos años más".

El presidente de ITL, David Bellis MBE, concluyó: “Me gustaría felicitar a Mustapha y agradecerle su inigualable capacidad de compromiso y servicio tanto con la empresa como con nuestros clientes. Además de ser una parte clave de nuestra historia de crecimiento internacional con el  establecimiento de la oficina española, bajo la dirección de Mustapha hemos aumentado las ventas y nuestra cuota de mercado de forma significativa también en Latinoamérica. Basado en su impresionante historial de ventas, Mustapha fue invitado a unirse a la Junta Directiva en 2001, donde sigue siendo una parte influyente de nuestra Junta hasta el día de hoy".


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The Autumn Coin-Op Show (ACOS) is opening its doors for 2021 welcoming visitors back to their annual exhibition after a break in the exhibitions calendar due to Covid-19. ACOS will take place on Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st October 2021 at the new venue ILEC Conference Centre, Earls Court, London. Leading cash handling and biometrics solutions provider, Innovative Technology (ITL), will be showcasing their latest innovations on stand 91.

Commenting on ITL’s involvement, Andy Bullock, Senior Business Development Manager said, “This is the first UK amusement & gaming show to take place since the start of the pandemic, so we are delighted to be involved. ACOS is always a great networking opportunity which offers the chance to socialise and catch up with industry colleagues. The 2021 event will be even more valued than ever, and we are looking forward to going to our first in-person event for some time.”

Andy continued, “The team are eager to debut ICU Lite to the UK gaming and amusement industry which enables organisations to introduce the benefits of biometric technology with no recurring costs, no internet required and with world leading accuracy. ICU Lite adds age verification & facial recognition-based functions to machines via a convenient, plug-in USB device and can be utilised by the industry to protect (under 18s) from accessing age restricted gaming machines, freeing up staff and resources. Lite can also be used to identify your premium or excluded customers. ICU Pro can be employed to prevent access to amusement and gaming venues - installed at entrances, doors and other entry points or restricted areas.  This edge solution can transform your standard USB camera into a Smart Camera to intelligently identify your customers with a world class level of accuracy and speed.”  

“We will also be demoing our NV200 Spectral and NV9 Spectral range of validators. Both ranges include add-on modules to provide note recycling capability - single or multi note payout to maximise cash efficiency.  Both benefit from Spectral Technology which includes full note imaging to validate the authenticity, offering exceptional protection against fraudulent and stained notes.”

Concluding Andy said, “We are still working in a challenging business climate. ACOS has come at a great time and I’m really looking forward to meeting industry friends and colleagues.”

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