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ITL are ready for the new €50, are you?

The new €50 will enter circulation on Tuesday 4th April 2017.  We are pleased to inform you that Euro and Euro mixed Innovative Technology currency dataset files, containing the new €50 banknote, are now in our datasets…

Innovative Technology Ltd. (ITL) have now updated all applicable ITL EUR datasets ahead of the launch of the new €50 on 4th April 2017. The note is part of the banks continued efforts to preserve the euro as a stable currency. All operators are required to update their cash handling equipment to be able to accept the new issue banknote when it enters circulation; now is the time to update your units.

All cash handling equipment here at ITL has been updated ahead of the new notes introduction. The new €50 note has been included in all our note datasets and is available to download from our website for free. Innovative Technology validators are quick and easy to update via PC or handheld DA3 programmer

Regular updates regarding the release of the new €50 note will be available on our website over the coming months.