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TITO Explained

TITO Explained

A TITO enabled machine prints out a barcoded slip of paper, which can be redeemed for cash, or inserted for play into other TITO machines. Live Ticket+ from Innovative Technology is the complete solution for any Gaming and Amusement operators intending to implement a TITO system within their business - Ticketing Made Easy. Rather than overspend on brand new TITO-ready machines, Live Ticket+ allows customers to convert any compliant digital or analogue machines to become TITO-capable.
Customers are able to choose between a number of high quality ticketing solutions from Innovative Technology, including the SMART Ticket, which is ideal for high volume applications; and the NV12+, a more compact option for operators with limited space considerations. Once the cash handling peripherals have been selected, machines are fitted with InnoPrint’s InnoHub (Gambling Business Group [GBG] compliant) and connected to the InnoServer, which allows operators to receive a full audit of all TITO transactions. The InnoHub & InnoServer work in conjunction to convert any compliant machine to be TITO-ready, whilst also providing operators’ total control over all of their machines, the lowest cost of ownership, and complete audit traceability.

Ticketing Made Easy

TITO Simplified

• Ticketing• Cash handling and ticket peripherals
• Conversion• TITO conversion hardware
• Real Time Data & Reporting

• Installation and configuration through our approved partners






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