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Name: Brian Doyle
Job Title: Test Engineer
Department: Test
Worked at ITL since: 2002
Roles held at ITL: Shopfloor Operative, Team Leader, Test Technician 

I started on the Surface Mount line as an operator before becoming a team leader in 2006. The following year I applied for the role of a Test Technician and have worked in the Test Dept ever since.

I run various tests on our products - firmware testing for all interfaces and new product testing which includes packaging drop test; voltage test; current test and temperature testing. We have automated test rigs to run currency tests and record all our findings in a central system to feedback to all areas of the company.  I am part of daily test team meetings and I am involved in new project development meetings too. Attending meetings and dealing with engineers has given me more confidence and I love the fact that every day is different due to the variety of tests we run.

I am a member of the Health & Safety committee and conduct portable applicance testing (PAT) for the company.


What benefits me: