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Dienstag, 23 August 2016 12:10

Security raised to new heights with TEBS

Cash handling security in the Retail and Convenience sectors is now a key factor and in accordance with this increased level of awareness, Innovative Technology Ltd. (ITL) has introduced the Tamper Evident Bag System (TEBS). TEBS, a state-of-the-art cash-in-transit system, is at the forefront of cash security technology and revolutionises the way in which cash is handled. TEBS validates banknotes in the exact same manner as ITL’s other popular validators. However, after the banknote has been validated and accepted it is directed into a secure tamper evident cashbag, a preventative measure to discourage anyone from interfering with the cash. Each cashbag can be identified by an individual barcode that when scanned will show the exact amount of cash that is stored in the bag.

The security of TEBS is rooted in its ability to eliminate physical cash handing. Once cash has been accepted at the point of sale it is not touched again by human hands until it has reached the bank or corporate sorting office.

TEBS allows the full traceability of cash from the point of sale, so retailers can always know the exact amount of cash that has been taken in store. In keeping with the modular design of other ITL products on the market, the TEBS unit can be modified to offer a note recycling function, delivering unrivalled mixed denomination note recycling that maximises cash efficiency and reduces the float levels required to keep cash registers operational.

ITL’s Senior Business Development Manager, Paul Curley said “TEBS is our state of the art cash in transit system that prevents cash shrinkage, whilst also presenting a fast return on investment for adopters of the system. The system was developed to allow closed-loop accounting by minimising the number of times that cash is handled by staff and transport companies. This allows for full traceability of cash from the point of sale, so companies can always know how much cash is in their store. Additional security features include a ‘dual-lock’ system that requires two keys (one physical, one electronic) held by separate individuals to open the TEBS unit.”

The technology to connect multiple TEBS units will soon be made available by ITL and will allow retailers to be aware of the current state of cash throughout their store, providing information on cash levels in each TEBS unit. Visit the News section on the ITL website for updates.

For more information regarding TEBS, visit the Products page of the ITL website.


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IN THIS BULLETIN: SMART Hopper firmware version 6.31 released, NV200 firmware version 4.41 released, NV Card Utilities version 1.9.7 released, Validator Manager version released, SMART Update Tool - £5, IF6 discontinued, New €50 note release



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Mittwoch, 03 August 2016 15:30

InnoPrint launches hub & server products

InnoPrint, a subsidiary of Innovative Technology (ITL), is pleased to announce the launch of the InnoHub and InnoServer. The two products enable analogue and digital machines to become TITO-ready and have already been subject to extensive field trials to ensure reliability.

The InnoHub is easy to integrate into new installs and older machine upgrades as the unit can be wall mounted anywhere so space is not a concern. The hub is GBG compliant and supports ccTalk and parallel protocols. The unit is networkable over TCP/IP network and features a number of connectivity options including 5 serial ports, 4 USB ports and an SD card slot. InnoHub allows operators to receive a full audit of all TITO transactions that occur in the machine.

The InnoServer is to be used in conjunction with the InnoHub and is a web-based server that provides operators with a full database of all the company’s ticketing activities. The unit delivers total back office control through remote data access.

InnoPrint Development Director, Chris Robinson said “The InnoServer has been designed to give the operator total control of all their machines whilst providing a host of additional benefits including the lowest cost of ownership on the market and complete audit traceability.”

The Innovative Technology Group’s service to TITO customers does not stop at the point of sale. The group has recently established a new subsidiary, InnoServ, to guide operators through implementation from an initial site survey through to installation and configuration.

Paul Smith, Operations Director for InnoServ, said “InnoServ was established to provide TITO (Ticket in/ Ticket out) installation support to customers. Our service begins with an initial on-site survey that includes a complete analysis of existing equipment. We are with the customer through every step of the process – installation, configuration and even after-sales support. We work together with our sister companies Innovative Technology and InnoPrint to deliver the best possible service to our customers.”

Visit the InnoPrint website here.



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